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"Better. Cheaper. Faster."  Sound familiar?


This is the mantra for nearly every business in Massachusetts. Whether your customers are around the corner or around the globe, competitiveness through innovation and continuous improvement drive sustainable success. And whether you own a business or manage a national or global division, you know how important a skilled workforce is to continuous improvement. The question is how can your organization:



• Maintain competitive skills?
• Enhance the skills of our recent hires?
• Retain our talented young employees?
• Upgrade the skills of our mature employees?
• Afford an effective training program?
• Customize our training to meet our specific business needs?
• Schedule training and maintain our productivity?
• Do all of this locally and affordably?



The Shawsheen Technical Institute can be a part of your businesses training solutions. We can:

• Customize training programs to your specific needs
• Offer training solutions in a high tech environment suitable for tech savvy employees
• Offer training solutions that recognize diverse skill levels
• Offer both classroom & hands-on training in state-of-the art facilities
• Offer local and accessible training making training logistics manageable & sustainable
• Offer on-site training
• Offer high-quality training that is affordable
• Offer a training solution free of bureaucracy & red tape


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